Welcome to the rest of the universe!

"I want out!" Henrietta thought to herself.  "There's no way I'm going on a tent tour of the world.  Tents are yucky and cold and wet and lumpy and filled with bugs and they smell bad too."  She brooded and brooded.  She could think of a thousand reasons why not to tour the world by tent.  But she had not been able think of one killer excuse to tell her Daddy why she absolutely, without question, could NOT go with them.  The main reason was that he had caught the whole family by surprise on the way home one night from Aunt Nelly's Junkfood Buffet.  None of the Furdley brood had been fully aware of the danger at that point because their minds were clouded with sugar, salt, MSG, caffeine, and additives that jam neurons and survival instincts.

Gogol lived in a Siberian round tent. His furnishings were simple.  There was his cot and a Russian Army field table with one chair. The table served as the office, bathroom sink, and dinner table when he ate inside, which was very seldom.  He had a footlocker to keep his clothing and private possessions.  The door to the tent opened to the south so he could watch the going and coming of the sun. He liked to put his chair in the doorway and smoke Lucky Strike cigarettes for hours.  But it was very comfortable weather today so he sat outside where he had established a small fire pit and a place to sit. He also had a pretty smooth, reasonably flat rock on which his vodka and eating gear rested.  The beans were ready!

Mission Statement

Ladies and Gentlemen!  We apologize for the preceding bogus introduction by the unauthorized interloper. The culprit has been apprehended and will be persecuted for impersonating an officer of the Cambrian Society. Naturally, Holelabs is committed to continuing with tried and popular features that our reader has grown to cherish. 


Well kids, there you have it. The internal revolt at Holelabs has been squashed.  Der Flounder still rules. And the show is about to begin. So knock off your shoes, take another sip of brandy, and prepare for the best darn nap you have had in weeks. 



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